Maletas by the Door


Some people call me Brice, some call me Andy, and to others I’m Landy. As I prepare myself for the 27 month journey ahead, I look forward to once again being Andrés. The República Dominicana is calling and I am ready to disembark. The past 10 months I spent applying for the Peace Corps is now behind me and I can focus on (and celebrate) this great opportunity.

One week from today my staging in Washington, D.C. will be complete and I will be Caribbean-bound. The major task impeding my journey? Packing. It’s something of a Sisyphean effort at this point… I mean, how many sweaters can a person have accumulated? As the paperwork and boxer shorts start filing themselves into these suitcases, I can’t deny getting a bit antsy. There has been so much buildup to my departure that it has always seemed so far in the distance. Although I have yet to formally meet the 30 or so others who will be leaving with me, I am sure they are feeling the same way.

I’m confident that this journey will be be a transformative one. I am extremely lucky to have this chance to serve and while the USA will always be my home, I hope to find a new patria in the DR.

I hope to share my adventures with you all!

“No existe la libertad, sino la búsqueda de la libertad, y esa búsqueda es la que nos hace libres.”
–Carlos Fuentes



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